A Journey of Self-Discovery: My Solo Adventure in Thailand as a Woman

Sometimes life takes unexpected turns, and amidst the chaos, we find the courage to embark on a transformative journey. As a recently separated woman, the allure of solo travel called to me, beckoning me to explore the far corners of the world. With an unyielding desire to prove my independence and rediscover myself, I set off on an exhilarating adventure to Thailand. In this blog, I will share the incredible highs and valuable lessons from my first solo trip, where I found not only the world but also myself.

The Urge to Escape and Explore: Overcoming Anxiety and Embracing Vulnerability

The decision to embark on a solo trip to Thailand wasn’t an easy one for me. Years of anxiety left me uncertain about my ability to cope alone in a foreign land. The constant “what-ifs” swirled in my mind, casting doubt on my desire to travel solo.

As I contemplated the idea, I sought the opinions of those closest to me. Their mixed reactions mirrored my own internal struggle. My mum, always protective and concerned for my well-being, expressed shock and worry over my safety. On the other hand, my dad, who had been on his own adventures in Thailand, encouraged me to seize the opportunity and go for it. My friends, recognising the benefits of such a journey, eagerly supported my decision, believing it would be a transformative experience. Even my ex-husband, despite our separation, recognised my need for growth and hoped that solo travel could help me find my way.

However, the most important voices came from my children. Their understanding and permission to embark on this journey held immense weight in my decision-making process. They reassured me that it was okay to prioritise my own growth and happiness, even if it meant temporarily being apart from them. Their support and encouragement provided the final push I needed to take the leap.

It was during this time of contemplation that I stumbled upon a thought-provoking Netflix documentary by Brené Brown. In the documentary, she explored the notion that courage and vulnerability are intricately linked. Her words resonated deeply within me, challenging me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace vulnerability as a means of personal growth. Inspired by this powerful message, I made up my mind and booked the flight to Thailand without further hesitation.

In hindsight, it was this moment of vulnerability, the willingness to face my fears head-on, that ultimately led me to embark on this life-changing solo adventure. I realised that true courage lies in embracing vulnerability, and in allowing ourselves to be open to new experiences, challenges, and the unknown. It was time for me to break free from the limitations anxiety had placed upon me and discover the strength that lay dormant within.

With my decision made, my heart filled with anticipation and excitement. Little did I know that this journey to Thailand would not only help me overcome anxiety but also become a catalyst for self-discovery, empowerment, and personal transformation.

Choosing the Right Logistics: Booking Flights, Packing Essentials, and Embracing the Unexpected

Once I had made up my mind to embark on my solo adventure to Thailand, the next step was to figure out the practicalities of the trip. Booking my flights through WayAway, an online platform known for its competitive prices, seemed like the perfect choice. However, my mum, being as protective as ever, expressed concern about using a lesser-known travel company. I reassured her that as long as the company was ATOL protected, my booking would be secure. I explained how the travel industry has evolved, opening up a world of possibilities to find great deals and reliable services through online platforms.

With my flights booked, I turned to various travel blogs and resources to gather insights on what to pack for my adventure. Having now experienced the journey myself, I’ve put together a packing list that reflects my personal touch and preferences: For a more comprehensive list of what to take- click here.


    1. Backpack: Ah, my trusty backpack from Decathlon. Now, here’s a funny twist – it was labelled as a men’s backpack, but let’s be real, it was absolutely fine for me. Who cares about gender labels when you find the ideal travel companion? With its two separate compartments, it provided all the space I needed to carry my belongings. I used the small bag that detaches from the top as hand luggage and often wore it on my front with my valuables in once I was there.
    2. Toiletries and Medication: My toiletries bag turned into a comical mishmash of items. Fearing that I might run into unexpected situations, I packed everything and the kitchen sink. Looking back, I can’t help but chuckle at my enthusiasm to be fully prepared for any scenario that might come my way. However, having said that- I did use most of the items. One thing I did forget to pack was mosquito bite relief. This is a must. You WILL get bitten. And swear at the buggers too.
    3. Currency and Cards: I brought multiple credit cards for convenience and security. I also exchanged £500 for Thai baht, eager to have enough cash. Little did I know that Thailand heavily relies on cash transactions, and my decision to carry extra baht proved wise. However, I’d advise taking more. Paying for everyday expenses became a breeze, and I appreciated the simplicity of using cash in a world that often leans towards digital payments.
    4. Passport, Insurance, and Copies: Protecting my essential documents was paramount. I carried my passport with care, always ensuring it was within reach. Checking multiple times every few minutes if it was still there. As for travel insurance, I discovered a valuable tip along the way – getting coverage for a full year turned out to be a more cost-effective choice. I shared the insurance details with my family and that brought us all a sense of reassurance and connection.
    5. Safety Measures: To address my loved ones’ concerns and ensure my own peace of mind, I set up a Snapchat account and allowed my family to track my journey. It was comforting to know they were virtually by my side, offering support and watching over me from afar. My phone became more than just a device; it became a lifeline, connecting me to my loved ones and serving as a compass in unfamiliar surroundings. Looking back, I wish I had taken another phone as a backup as there was a mishap, but I will touch on that in a later section.

Packing for my solo trip became an adventure in itself. Each item I carefully selected carried a hint of excitement and a touch of vulnerability. As I organised my belongings, I couldn’t help but feel a surge of anticipation for the journey that awaited me.

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